Since 1967, The Company has focused on the Revival of Classic furnishings from the golden ages in the history of furniture and over the years has become one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury end of the market. Zanaboni collections include living room furniture, Beds, Small Furnishings and accessories, Unique and exclusive pieces, Timeless stars of a refined and luxurious elegance, The result of the skilled work of Master craftsmen, Who hand down from father to son the secrets of the art of upholstery to ensure that the mark of excellence that is part of Brianza’s heritage remains intact. Work performed for years with love and attention, from which the true spirit of high- quality classic furnishings emerges. Research and tradition have inspired new contemporary classics for years, interpreting top quality materials with sophisticated ranges. The silks used to upholster the sofas, The Embroidery used to embellish the cushions, the softness of the down and shine of the stones, the pure gold and hand-sewn braiding all enhance the elegant and exclusive nature of the products, whilst the exotic leathers reveal a soft, yet fine touch.

Spirit of Vittorio Zanaboni :
In the 1960s, Vittorio Zanaboni, an eclectic individual and artist, created a company based in meda to which he gave his name, through which he presented his first collections of living room furniture, Even then distinguished by an original approach originating from the reinvention and association of sculptural and architectural elements. This spirit and the attitude towards experimentation developed over the years have been the backdrop for the creation of timeless collections that still represent a point of reference for the classic furniture industry all over the world and can be found in the most prestigious homes. The location was not chosen by chance; Brianza is the only place in the world where such a high volume of excellence, Manual skills and specializations in all particular types of manufacturing processes for the high-end furniture industry can be found in such a small area. A small but wonderful world where everything revolves around the workshop be it that of the carpenter, Engrave or Upholsterer; The perfect location in which to find everything needed to fulfill his dream. The story begins at the start of the Nineteen Century, When the art of Woodworking began to spread throughout the countryside of Brianza. To supplement low incomes from agriculture, some families started to produce furniture and accessories for residences of the French nobility. Following the French occupation, which facilitated commercial and cultural exchanges between Paris, The international furniture capital at that time, and Brianza, The most skilled craftsmen abandoned farmwork once and for all and devoted themselves to the artistic production of fine furniture.