EMC Centre of Excellence – India

EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver Information Technology as a service. EMC employs approximately 48,500 people worldwide and is represented by approximately 400 sales offices and partners in more than 80 countries around the world.

One of its largest centres is in India and EMC therefore decided to consolidate all of its facilities into a single Centre of Excellence in Bangalore. The campus is designed to seat 3,500 people and is anticipated to grow to twice that capacity.

The architects from Symmetrics were given a very clear brief to designing a space that would reflect EMC's core values of innovation and optimisation.

A high quality carpet solution

Given the number of IT/ITES companies that dot Bangalore's urbanscape, it was important to create a vibrant and collaborative workspace that reflected the company's identity and acted as a key differentiator from other workspaces. In today's workplace it is equally important to provide a fully functional neighbourhood but also one that allows the user to feel relaxed and comfortable. In Bangalore's environment it was also imperative to use materials which are easy to maintain and which have a long lifespan. This is where ege came into the picture.

Carpets from ege have not only been used as highlights on the floor but have been taken to the next dimension and used as wall cladding to create a unique blend of aesthetics and acoustic functionality. Thanks to the carpets, the space was at once acoustically muted and visually vibrant. Every office has a different carpet on its wall giving a sense of identity. At the same time, due to the underlying theme in all of the chosen prints and colour combinations, the carpets formed part of a greater whole. The carpets on the office walls flowed out to carpet highlights on the floor, to wall highlights in the workspace tying together different areas and functions of the space.

"The ability to customise the carpets to match the overall concept and theme of the space allowed us to create a visually bold environment which flowed from one space to another. The environment is easy to maintain and reflects the open, dynamic and innovative identity of EMC which was exactly what we wanted to emphasise in the workplace. The space now feels warmer and more relaxed, without compromising on key functional requirements of an office or the seriousness of a workplace. We wanted the space to inspire the users to their best" the architects from Symmetrics explain. "The carpets fit well with the graphics of the interior which were used to extend the theme of an open culture and collaborative workplace." they add.

Symmetrics in brief

Symmetrics was established in 2007 and is a team of 46 designers, project Managers and engineers. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Symmetrics is a team of young, experienced and creative designers, providing services in architecture , interior design and infrastructure planning. They predominantly work in the realms of IT/ITES spaces but have significantly contributed to the design of Healthcare, Hospitality and large Data centres across southern India.

Since its inception in 2007, Symmetrics has applied a customised design approach. In their words "we are driven tocreate spaces which enhance productivity. We understand and analyse our clients business requirements and translate those through innovative planning and create spaces that inspire the end user at the work place."

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